Islands Project – Indian Ocean

מוצר חדש של earthmoments, שמביאה חבילות של סאונדים איכותיים ממחוזות רחוקים. 

תיעוד והדגמה של תהליך הקלטה והנגינה על כלים מאזור האיים אקזוטיים של ראוניון, מאוריציוס ומדגסקר.
הוידאו צולם והוקלט ואולפן בצ’נאי בהודו, עריכות בתשע סטודיו.
לצפייה ועוד מידע:


An idyllic bundle of sounds from the islands of Reunion, Mauritius and Madagascar;
a region of outstanding natural beauty with a mix of diverse cultures. Here the visions
of few awe-inspiring ethnic groups with their deep rooted African influence have
created these extraordinary instruments that represent a blend of traditions to
produce rare and unique sounds.

Typically, the instruments such as the Kayam, Ravan and Gambri have been handmade
and are designed for live performances in various situations such as
ceremonies or live shows. The sounds produced are distinctive, from Maloya to Tamil,
Creole to French. We offer you this melodic bundle that captures a successful
marriage of the striking string and pure percussion.

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